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Meet Christa...

When you are choosing your photographer, whether it is just for a holiday card mini, or for one of your big life milestones such as getting married or adding a new baby into your life, I'm sure you are considering a few questions about the person behind the camera.

Let me try to give a small word portrait of what you can expect from your experience with Dolce...because it's not just about the photos, it is about the personal experience you have when you decide to start this relationship.

I am Christa. Believer. Jesus lover. Momma. Wife. Photographer. Harry Potter geek.

In my old life, I was an English teacher/photographer-wanna-be. I did both for almost seven years. And, at that time, I couldn't imagine giving either up for the other. But then enter into the picture a baby boy who would forever change everything that I "thought" would be my life: my son Ezra. From the minute I took that little boy home, I was a different person. Which is not something I anticipated. And as this new person, there came some changes for my future. For starters, I knew that God wanted me to stay close to him. Two years later, when he was diagnosed with Autism, I saw that part of my purpose was bound to making sure that he had nothing but the best during this critical period of his development... a time that we are in the thick of right now. Luckily, we do have amazing providers who have helped facilitate the amazing growth that we have been witness to over the last two years. I could go on for DAYS about how autism has blessed (yes!! blessed!!) our lives and how God has shown his face through something I never expected... BUT, you are wondering about the photographer, yes? ;)

Well, my point to telling you all of that, was that four years ago, I made the plunge and became a full time photographer. And by full time I mean this is my only "work" gig. I am always striving to maintain the delicate balance of family and work, so I do only take on an amount of work that allows me to be present for my family and my clients. And this has been a part of my business model from the beginning. Less is more. I love being able to connect and build a clientele of people who can recommend Dolce not only because of the beautiful photos, but because they had a great experience. And the way that I am able to do that is by not saying yes to every inquiry that comes through my inbox. Because, ya know, that whole balance thing, right?

This would be a good place to introduce my next baby, miss Piper Lou. Spunky and sassy, Piper might just embody all those stereotypes about girls. Right now she is almost two, but I assure you, we have been dealing with the terrible twos since about a year ago. But boy oh boy does she crack me up. A big personality for a little girl. The force is strong with that one.

And as a side note for some useless Christa-trivia. I have a Harry Potter guest room in my house. Seriously. It's awesome. I would equate it to what a Gryffindor student would come home to on summer break. If you are lucky, I'll let you see it. If we become friends, I might let you sleep over. No extra charge.

I'd love to hear from you and am always available to answer questions or chat via email! Enjoy poking around!

Meet Samantha...

I have always loved babies.  From a very young age I knew I had the "mommy gene."  If there was a baby or child to be cared for, I was on it.  I remember being 5 or 6 years old, carrying my baby dolls around the grocery store, praying that the day I got to be a real mommy would hurry up and get here! And I'm happy to say, I'm here now, with three of my own littles.

Now how did I end up joining my love for babies with photography?  That all began when I met Christa.  What began as a meeting at Starbucks to go over wedding photography, quickly blossomed into a very special friendship that I thank God for everyday.  That friendship and bond led to the start of Little Dolce.  As we were pregnant with our first babies at the same time, we came to the conclusion that doing this newborn photography thing was much better together than apart.  And that meant that I got to snuggle babies for a job!  Sign me up!

 I think it's important I say a little something about my brood of boys, because they are what drives me in everything I do.  My husband, Ray, is my soul mate and  best friend.  We both share an unhealthy addiction to Friends and candy. And we both love to create in the kitchen. I have been truly blessed with a wonderful man to share my life with, in times of joy and in times of trial.

After a little over a year of marriage, a lost pregnancy and a surgery, came my sweet Oliver, who is now 5…and a carbon copy of Ray.  He loves everything Ghostbusters and Batman, just like Daddy.  Three years after Oliver, following another lost pregnancy and the possibility of not being able to get pregnant again at all, I had my precious Archer…who is my carbon copy;  he is my little twin.  Archie enjoys anything and everything his brother enjoys.  He is Ollie's shadow!  Just over two years after Archie was born, I gave birth to my littlest boy, Kalvin.  After a short, but scary stint in the NICU, Kal is home and we couldn't imagine life without him!  We aren't sure what his interests are yet, besides mommy's milk and cuddles, but I can confidentially say he has a sweet, gentle soul and I love him to pieces.

My roller coaster journey of becoming the mommy of these three beautiful boys was God's way of showing me what an incredible blessing being a mother is and to never take it for granted.

Life is an awfully big adventure …

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